Why Invest

At ELEV8 Angels we are committed to providing our investors with high quality vetted deal flow through a transparent process centered around making an impact and supporting our innovative ecosystem. We provide mentorship, resources, and access to capital to help our startups grow and scale. 

The Role of an Angel Investors 

Angel investors are individuals who invest in start-up businesses; normally in the early stages. This tends to be on Seed rounds of financing and also Series A rounds. Angel investors fill the gap between friends and family, and more formal venture capital funds. Some invest purely for profit, others to engage and promote the health of the business community.

Angel Groups

An angel group consists of individual angel investors who have come together to invest collectively in entrepreneurial opportunities. While they come in many forms, these groups of investors share a number of common characteristics. They meet regularly to go over business proposals for potential investments and listen to pitches made by select entrepreneurs. Members then decide whether or not to invest in a particular business. Those who move forward then work together to conduct due diligence to validate the proposed plan, review financial statements and gain an understanding of the history of the entrepreneurial team.

Our Process

At ELEV8 Angels our founders and startups are immersed in an ecosystem designed to support their success from day one. Through ELEV8’s incubator/accelerator programs we offer mentorship, guidance, and access to growth capital for our startups. 

The ELEV8 Ecosystem

STARTUP WEEKEND PROGRAMS : Techstars Startup Weekend presented by Google for Startups, an introduction into the world of high growth potential startups.

BUILD(BOLD) PRE ACCELERATOR : Developing a strong pipeline of high growth potential startupsELEV8 INCUBATOR : A center of gravity for diverse startup founders of North Florida 

ELEV8 CAPITAL (FUND IN DEVELOPMENT) : Equitable access to capital, Investing in high growth startups in our region

Launching Spring 22’! We are currently seeking investors who are interested in investing alongside us as we continue to expand our ecosystem and grow our community. If you are interested please click the link and fill out the form. For more information, or if you have any questions please call  (850)228-3444 or email